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Dental sealants can assist you in preventing cavities and the effects of acid erosion in your premolars and molars, and they can be an excellent investment in your dental health due to their longevity. We can help you learn more about dental sealants and the long-lasting benefits they offer.

The process of placing dental sealants is done with precision to ensure the sealants can be a long-lasting addition to your smile. We clean the back teeth, paint liquid sealant onto the teeth, remove any surplus, clean the teeth a second time, and harden the sealant with a special light. Hardening the sealants also helps to bond the sealant material to the teeth to help them endure through many years of use.

When bacteria attack your teeth, it can wear down the dental sealants over time, and you may need to have your sealants reapplied in about ten years or less. When you visit Kenneth Hancock DDS for dental checkups, our team can assess the quality of your dental sealants to determine if they may need replacement.

For more information about the longevity of dental sealants in Olympia, Washington, please feel free to give us at 360-464-2099 today and schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. Kenneth Hancock.