Oral Hygiene Success: Toothbrushing Techniques

Brushing your teeth often requires several advancements in your toothbrushing techniques. If your toothbrush techniques are inadequate, you cannot reach your peak levels of oral health care. Because it is so important to not only use the right products but also to use them effectively, you will need to make... Read more »

Could Laughing Gas Help You?

Are you nervous about visiting the dentist? Does an upcoming appointment make you mildly or moderately anxious? Dental anxiety is a common problem and you are not alone. You might want to contemplate using nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help make your visits easier. Nitrous oxide is an odorless,... Read more »

Achievements in Dentistry: Oral Health Care Basics

Are you in control of your smile with your cleaning routines? Do you often consider your smile’s health when you think about the foods that you eat and drink? Do you consider how any bad or potentially unhealthy habits can affect your oral health? It is important that you ask... Read more »

Pregnancy Gingivitis and Tumors?

Are you pregnant? This new stage in your life is sure to bring some big changes, but did you know that pregnancy could also affect your dental health? The shifts in your hormones may increase your risk for certain issues like gum disease and small bumps that are referred to... Read more »

The Connection Between Mouth Health And Your Body

The health of the body and the health of the mouth, good or bad, are very closely connected. Studies have linked poor mouth health to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, certain pregnancy complications and other negative health conditions. A healthy oral system, on the other hand, can promote self-esteem,... Read more »

Protecting Tooth Enamel: Is Carbonated Water Harmful?

For folks looking to make healthier choices when it comes to daily habits, one lifestyle change we encourage is to drink more water. Water is vital for proper saliva production, which is essential to preventing an oral condition called dry mouth which can harm teeth as well as gum. But... Read more »

How The Different Bridges Are Constructed

Have you heard about dental bridges, but do not understand what they are? A bridge is used to replace missing teeth, prevent your nearby teeth from shifting position, and restore your smile.   Four different types of bridges exist. They are named traditional, cantilever, maryland, and implant supported. They all... Read more »

A Dental Sealant Can Be a Long-Lasting Addition to Your Smile

Dental sealants can assist you in preventing cavities and the effects of acid erosion in your premolars and molars, and they can be an excellent investment in your dental health due to their longevity. We can help you learn more about dental sealants and the long-lasting benefits they offer. The... Read more »

Poor Oral Hygiene Can Lead to Hardened Tartar Buildup at the Gumline

Failing to brush your teeth twice each day or having a bad habit to remember to thoroughly floss at least once each day can leave excess food particles and plaque in your mouth. As time goes on these bacterial deposits can start to calcify and transform into hardened tartar. As... Read more »

New Moms: Protecting Your Smile as You Protect Your Infant

If you are a new mom, we understand how hard it is to take good care of your mouth while you are busy taking care of a newborn. Moms are the glue that holds everyone together, so finding moments to yourself can be a challenge. But we encourage you to... Read more »