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For folks looking to make healthier choices when it comes to daily habits, one lifestyle change we encourage is to drink more water. Water is vital for proper saliva production, which is essential to preventing an oral condition called dry mouth which can harm teeth as well as gum.

But some people find plain water too bland for their taste. So, you might want to consider opting for its cousin, carbonated water. place. Our Kenneth Hancock DDS team is happy to report that carbonated water is good for your smile, even though carbonated drinks have higher acid levels, which normally weakens tooth enamel.

According to, a study that was done to compare carbonated water to normal lab water found that acid levels were the same, having the same effect on tooth enamel. (Don’t worry, the study was done on teeth that were already removed and were soaked in each liquid for the purpose of the study).

This means if you prefer carbonated water over plain water, you can drink it without worrying about damaging your teeth. But keep in mind the results were for plain sparkling water, without added flavors. Citrus additives do raise the acid levels, which aren’t good for your teeth. If you just can’t do without the citrusy flavoring, try keeping it to mealtimes to help neutralize the acids. If you want to drink it between meals, drink it in one break, not nursing it throughout the day, exposing your pearly whites to a consistent acid bath.

Still, nothing beats plain tap water when it comes to hydrating yourself safely. And when you drink tap water with fluoride in it, your teeth are getting an even bigger boost to their health.
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