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Left untreated gum disease will continue to advance. As the gum inflammation of gingivitis gives way to the severe infection of periodontitis, the structure of your gums can start to change. This level of infection deep in the gums can cause them to recede from the base your teeth. In turn, this can allow small pockets of infection to form near the roots. As this happens the underlying bone structure can be lost and the roots of several teeth can be compromised.

In a case like this, the oral surgeries and dental implants needed to replace or restore the compromised teeth can be rather invasive. In a situation like this Dr. Kenneth Hancock might recommend extracting your remaining compromised teeth in preparation for dentures. Each of these false teeth will be set into a pink material that serves to anchor it in your mouth and mimic the appearance of natural gum tissues.

Once a detailed impression has been prepared of your existing oral structure a dental lab can get to work creating the dentures. When they’re ready your complete dentures will replicate the original appearance and function of your natural teeth.

If you live in the Olympia, Washington, area and you’re interested in being fitted for a set of removable dentures, we invite you to call 360-464-2099 to set up a consultation at Kenneth Hancock DDS. We look forward to providing you with the quality care your smile deserves!